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End of Earth (Story provided by my 1st grade brother)

All days are weird. Life is weird. Just of one day, this is know as Earth day. You may think earth day because there was so much litter but no. This is what really happened, in just one day earth was gone and in one week it was back.

There is one theory that is called The Big Bang theory and Dinosaur age. This is when the first human was alive. Then more and more came they talked by grunts it was very strange. Things went by if they could talk in the story here is how it would be, And this is why I wrote this story to talk about the truth.

Shall we get started. All of the cavemen were in there Cave and they never go out. One say can we go out. 'No' said another Caveman. It could kill us 'OK' said all the Cavemen. The main Caveman is 'Nick'. He wanted to move. Nick was very smart from all the others. We came to the Cave and made the idea to leave there. So, there was a big Cow outside of the Cave. He didn't know what do to do. He is the leader of the Cavemen. He and all the other cavemen left the Cave to see what the Cow was. Nick killed the  Cow.  He made one the Caveman ate. Now they know that cows are good food. They all adventured. Nick stopped when he saw the big shadow. All of the Cavemen went closer but they big shadow was gone. They saw foot prints. What are those said  a Caveman. Let's find out said Nick.  They followed the foot prints and it led to a river. All the cavemen were happy because they only find a little bit of water but now they had a lot.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016



The poem “Ending” by Gavin Ewart is a poem that demonstrates the clear optimistic and mournful tones in its lines. Gavin Ewart achieves these tones with the many figurative language devices he correctly uses. In the profound poem “Ending” the poet(Gavin Ewart) has the use of personification in its last lines to create a mournful tone. The lines “Romance once expected to stay, has left a note saying GONE AWAY.”(13/14)These lines evidently represent personification as romance a mood or feeling can not leave a note. So the true meaning that the poet left was that his/her lover has left and now he/she is sad. This meaning creates a tone of mournful as the individual is now very sad from this. Also these lines indicate feeling of grief and sadness which the person would have inducing the whole poem with a tone of that sort.

“Ending” in some parts may establish the tone of mournful, though the poem surely has different tones to its lines. The poem has a tone for odd and one for even, since the even lines create a mournful tone. The odd lines induce more of an optimistic tone, as they state more of a happy feeling. The line “The kisses that were as curry...” lets the readers infer that their relationship is going well and the poet feels good about it. This simile states that the poet felt so good about their relationship he could compare their kisses to curry. The simile creates a feeling of optimism that their affair would last for long. Gavin Ewart had successfully created and established a tone of optimism and mournful with the usage of figurative devices.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Genetic Counselors Report Example

Today's Date:4/23/16
Dr.Amruth Nare
Mailing Address:11892 Legend Lanes, San Jose CA 20831

This is a confidential genetic counselors report for Gail Gene and Adam Adenine.

It has been brought to my attention that as a couple you are deeply concerned about the possibility of passing on the genetic disease, Huntington’s Disease, to your children.

I have examined both of your DNA samples and I can address the upcoming test results:
Adam Adenine has the genotype,Hh for this disease which means you unfortunately have the disease.
Gail Gene has the genotype,hh for this disease which means you do not have the disease.

In this genetic counselors report I will include the following:
  1. An explanation of how genetic traits(including genetic diseases are passed from parents to their children.
  2. A full description of the genetic disease that runs in your family(Huntington's Disease)-including symptoms,treatment options,and organ system(s) that are affected by the disease.
  3. A Punnett Square and a Pedigree chart for the genetic disease that runs in you family so you can see the possible outcomes for your children.
  4. Also a final explanation of the probability you have of passing the genetic disease to your children.

Explanation of How Genetic Traits are Passed from Parents to Children:
The passing of genetic traits from parents to their children is a very complex and intricate system.It revolves around DNA,which is a substance that is the “building blocks” of a chromosome.A chromosome is a genetic substance in the nucleus of a cell.Each cell in the human body has 46 chromosomes(which contain your genetic blueprint),23 are recieved from the mother and 23 from the father.During fertilization or intercourse the two gametes(Sperm cell and Egg)combine to create a zygote with a set of 46 chromosomes.The traits your chromosomes contain may be dominant or reccesive,so the alleles(a form your traits may be described in)determine traits.So a genotype for a certain trait is taken from mother and one from father.The traits may be coded one for blue eyes and another for brown eyes.The trait that is dominant will mask the reccesive trait.So if brown was dominant and blue was reccesive,the child would have brown eyes.Though if there was two reccesive alleles then the reccesive genotype would be visible in the baby.Genetic Diseases are passed in a somewhat simalir way,they could be dominant or reccesive.As already stated if it was a dominant disease then just one dominant allele would give you a high chance of having the disease.Though if it was reccesive then having just one recessive would make you a carrier for the disease but two would make you have the disease itself.So after reading this I hope you have a better understanding of heredity.

Description of Huntington’s Disease-A Genetic Disease:
The Huntington’s Disease is a genetic disease which is generally caused by inheritance from Parent to offspring.The Huntington's Disease or HD for short is a Dominant disorder,so you would need at least one dominant genotype to receive this disease.There are many symptoms caused by Huntington’s Disease such as frequent mood swings,poor memory ,irritability, depression,difficulty walking,and sporadic uncontrolled movements.Currently this genetic disease does not have a cure,though there is many treatment options.Which unfortunately do not halt the progression of the disease,but they cause you to feel more comfortable.There is also lots of medication  which will continuously ease the continual feelings of depression.Due to the uncontrollable movements from this disorder there is remedies and medication which will stop that particular symptom.Another recommended treatment is to take therapy to help assure that patients can lead more typical lives.Huntington’s Disease,as it is a disorder in which symptoms affect most brain functions like judgement.Huntington’s Disease would be naturally a disorder which affects the nervous system.

Punnett Square for this Disease:

Summary with Probability of Passing this Disease to Your Children:

After checking your DNA test results and analyzing your genotypes for the Huntington’s Disease has sadly brought me to the conclusion that their is a 50% of having a child with Huntington’s Disease.Also a 50% chance of having a child with HD,I have managed to discover these readings through a Punnett Square with your genotypes graphed on,which I have attached in this document.Due to this unfortunate probability of having potential children with HD,I would like to discuss various treatment options with you.As you already know sadly there is no cure for this disease,though many treatment options will help ease the feelings of depression and make you more comfortable.I hope I have managed to be a succesful Genetic Counsler to you and have provided you with enough information to lead typical lives.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Friedrich Story Line

Friederich by Peter Hans Richter

Friedrich is a young Jewish boy who lives in a 3 story apartment in Germany during Hitlers reign.This story mainly is taken from the narrators point of view,and shows the persecution of Jews and how it effected them.Friedrich due to rules is banned from most movie theaters and swimming pools and is no longer trusted.He also has to move to a Jewish school.A angry mob of attackers comes and pillages his house eventually killing his mother.Due to this his father is fired and is in a depression.After a few years Friedrich finds a girlfriend Helga,whom he loves but has to stop seeing her as to save her from the concentration camps.Friedrich and his father are forced to do whatever to earn money and hide away a rabbi in their house.When Friedrich isn't there they arrest his father and the rabbi. Now Friedrich lives in hiding.During a air raid Friedrich begs to be let in or he will die.In the end he must go.Friedrich dies from a piece of shrapnel.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rosie TheRiveter

Rosie The Riveter

Other resolutions: 185 × 240After watching the video “Rosie the Riveter” by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb and reading the History Article it seemed that during World War II women were presented with bias from the government in an effort to persuade more people to join the workforce. The video, “Rosie the Riveter” by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb encouraged women to work and made everything seem very happy and joyful, however history articles and other resources shows the real situation more objectively and realistically, which does not reflect or mirror any bias. During World War II many men in the USA had to go back to war, when they just came back from World War I, while the men left there weren’t enough to continue production to support the war, so the government started to recruit women to take up the job of the men.The US government then started putting up posters, newsreels and other propaganda. The government's efforts were a huge success and they recruited many women to the work force. The video describing Rosie the Riveter, mirrors much bias upon the reader. It reflects the statement that many women love to work at the factory. The video clearly states in the song, “All day long, Whether rain or shine, She's a part of the assembly line.” This lyric in the song states bias as it presumes that the women will come no matter what the circumstances, even though actually the women are actually reluctant to leave their children at home and go work at a contaminated factory. The lyrics try to uphold the idea that women are proud and happy with their job though they actually have a very low wage. It is half of the wage of the men working there so truly most women wouldn’t like to work in a place like that. However the History Article shows the true story about how women did not get the same rights as the men did as in the quote, “Considered civil service employees and without official military status, these fallen WASPs (Women's Airforce Service Pilots) were granted no military honors or benefits, and it wasn’t until 1977 that the WASPs received full military status.” This meant that women in this quote didn’t even get a ceremony for when they died in battle like men did, even though they were doing the same job. This showed how the government was still treating the women unfairly. The history articles presented by the History Channel showed the true stories and situations of the working women in the war, compared to the video “Rosie the Riveter” by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb which was bias and did not show all the facts.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Model UN (Climate Change)

Climate Change
South Africa is highly differentiated when it comes to the topic of Climate Change it has many diverse ideas corresponding to Global Warming. About 45% of our nation is not too concerned about this recent developing problem. As many of our citizens are not well informed and do not have much information upon this topic.We are also particularly conflicted as our nation relies almost 77% on fossil fuels, so with the issue of pollution which is also a major factor towards Climate Change.
   South Africa believes that climate change will affect the country deeply because since the infrastructure in South Africa is very poor.An extreme weather situation could potentially destroy countless buildings and leave countless others without essential needs. This would put our current economy at a state in which our county could possibly never heal from.So with these potential hazards South Africa mirrors the idea to reduce pollution though this resolution is hard for us to cope with.As much of our energy base orbits around fossil fuels,which may lead to the point of giving up our factories.
    It is very important on how we control our output of emissions because this can dramatically effect our country. Since half of our energy supplement comes from neighboring countries if there was any problem, South Africa would be weakened as that the whole country depends on that energy.Also when there is a drop in food and water due to agricultural problems, people will tend to migrate to neighboring countries. This would raise many more issues like security, citizenship, and many more.
     South Africa as a country in a developing state feel that this matter is globally harmful because once emissions get into the air they could travel anywhere in the world.Climate Change in the long term could melt ice caps and raise water levels submerging many cities.As this problem expands many of the world's children are losing their lives and since much of South Africa's children are living underneath the poverty line dont have access to proper heating.As they already suffer from much the warm weather from climate change,comes mosquito which carry many dieseases.All of this slowly persihes the next generation of South Africa.
    South Africa as a whole feels that this issue is a pressing concept that all the emissions caused from the factories.Will be sent into the atmosphere which once is there,it starts to create holes in the ozone layer.This as a long term effect which will affect the whole world,so South Africa believes we should establish a new power source to fuel the era of the 21 Century.

   As much of our country represents farmers we have a strong population of them and this risk of getting lots of rain or little to no rain,can really affect the farmers way of growing crops. This crisis would bring a collapse in production of food this would also bring even more hunger in South Africa.

P.S:This document is not at its full length as I had to cut off parts of it.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Model UN

This is an essay I have recently prepared and have already used for a Position paper in the club Model UN. It was developed around the topics of Cyber-Warfare,Non-State Actors,and The Rise Of China.The paper for those of you that don't know is an essay resolving Model Un and I strongly advise you join it here is an example.

Sudan is the largest country in Africa, many of its dilemmas include terrorism. It was introduced to terrorism during the late 1990’s when Osama Binladin and his followers came to the country and built a training camp infrastructure.They also set up a business and finance network.To this day there is still terrorism in Sudan, the terrorist group SPLA has targeted civillian oil deposits,and have killed or severely injured many of its citizens.

Topic I: Emergence of Non-State Actors in Developing Countries
In rural locations many terrorist’s take form as they spread destruction and chaos throughout the country or region. This mostly occurs in developing countries because they don’t have a strong Military to fight and abolish terrorism.These developing countries have suffered through many targeted attacks of terrorism

In Sudan it is said to have financed terrorism extensively during the late 1990’s, this is true because it sponsored Osama Bin Laden from 1991-1996. Ever since then Sudan has been on the U.S. State Department list of sponsored terrorists since 1993.  After the incident of 9-11 Sudan communicated with the U.S. about counter-terrorism. To help the U.S for counter-terrorism Sudan provided intel on Al-Qaeda and cut communications with other opposing terrorist groups. After establishing a positive relationship with the United States they have been redeemed from the list of countries who were inactive in the fight against terrorism.
Developing nations tend to have a disadvantage because they are much more weaker and have a much more fragile government than developed nations. These factors contribute to Terrorist groups invading weak territories as they will be suffering from a lack of organization.This type of society would stand as a great opportunity for other terrorist groups to invade.This oppose to the strong developed countries is a great contrast.As most developed countries have had years of expirience with dangers.
The black market has a great impact on Sudan since their is no official currency there is more fraud and illegal activity.Which leads to a weak government that can't sustain a stable system of trade and unity. A weak government would eventually lead to no control over the nation which lead to an easy access for Terrorists to invade and cause mass destruction.Also the War on Terror is a substantial war which contains many attacks.The distribution of the black market goods is a very easy way for terrorists to get ahold of certain weapons.
Combating terrorism within a countries borders is a struggle for many countries.In under developed territories the UN should send aid such as supplies,food,and possibly some military for defense purposes. These supplies would give developing countries an opportunity to replenish on food and give chances to rebel against the unknown terrorists. Also this aid would provide food for families who can not afford food or find water.
Topic II: The Rise of China
The Rise of China is a very important and concerning issue today. This is important because it emphasizes the danger of if China rises to much power.China right now is greatly increasing in goods and other products.China as of now has the greatest population of any country of 3.357 billion people.This indeed could play a major factor in its economy and uprising.China’s growth and prosperity is viewed in 2 major ways.One of which considers China as a growing threat to themselves and their nation.Others belive that China’s success is natural and that there is space in the economy for growth.
Sudan might support the growth of China due to its low supply in goods such as water,food,and other essential needs for life.Sudan could vastly benefit from the aid of China as it is great producer for goods and other products.So with the help of China,Sudan may regain controll and get a stable government, and this would help the government to abolish terrorism..Also it will end the current anarchy in the goverment and certain terrorist groups in control.This would make it technically a threat to Sudan if someone attacked China as it is one of their main resources.
China's upcoming rise in political and economic advances has been a highly conflicting topic.Many delegates from the United Nations have been bickering about this topic and 2 specific sides have been created.The sides have contradicting beliefs on China's uprising.That either it is harmful to the world,or this lead can benefit the earth by providing resources and advancements in helping world peace, extending what we know about the universe.China in the past has helped with attacks and has been a very sufficient resource in wars for the countries in need.So most people would refer to this increase in power as a great thing for the world and other countries in peril.Also any individual that believes Chinas uprising is bad China is also a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council so they are  restricted by our rules.
I thinks China’s interests overlap with other nations because China wants to keep a basis of keeping peace within it’s border and neighboring countries.This idea is shared by many nations around the world.China has recently become more closely involved with the United Nations and is executing many peace operations.Though China also has separate personal interests it hopes to gain such as it would like to possibly take over Japan's oil deposits.Also islands owned by Japan were locations that Chinese war ships headed to.Also China seems to have many peculiar core interests as it has recently tried to stop all weapon trade to Taiwan.These core interests have leaned toward more war strategic ideas.Although China is in a great relationship with the UN so there is very little chance of predicting what will happen.
The United Nations has much power over China as they have to the authority to veto any member of the United Nations Security Council if they conduct any negative votes on a resolution.Also China is restricted by certain standards to conduct any risky activity,like building a exponentially large army or sending Nuclear weapons of mass destruction into space.The actions that China takes can also not be fully controlled by the UN and they could only monitor the situation carefully.
Topic III: International Cyber Security
In many developed countries cyber-warfare is a huge predicament. This is an important topic because as the world becomes more emerged in technology.Crime and terrorism will also evolve. In this case it appears in the form of Cyber-warfare. Cyberware is acting through internet based conflict. It can include many things such as disabling websites and networks, also stealing confidential data and even weakening financial systems. Cyber Warfare doesn’t affect every country.Many developing countries don’t have very advanced technology to be involved in cyber warfare.
Sudan is one of the many underdeveloped countries which suffer from lack of any technology or cyber-warfare.So far this disadvantage has been positively and negativley effecting the country.As due to rare amounts of technology it is very hard for Sudan to keep up with cyber-warfare they cant hack computers to gain intel and many devices unknown to them could easily be used by terrorists.Though this absence of technology could be helpful as since computers are very rare.Terrorists cant hack into the database to get intel,as most of their information is probably written through pen and paper.
Cyber-warfare over the last decades has advanced significantly and crime along with it has changed.Most crimes nowadays happen at stock markets and computers by stealing your credit card information/money.As all the technology grows around many developing countries are left behind as they don't have a stable government yet or electricity.These developing countries could “keep up” by providing internet to the most rural locations in their territory. This will not only provide support the families by connecting them to the modern world but also, this will give them more opportunities to evolve and get better civilizations.
For the UN to regulate cyber-warfare is very difficult, this requires monitoring 24/7 which can be very expensive to do. Also if one country had a predicament with cyber-warfare, there would be nothing the UN can do because it’s the country's opinion where or not to continue the war or not.Many countries also do hacking and other cyber related things confidentiality, which leads to theUN not knowing anything so then they can’t do anything. In the mere future maybe the world will evolve so that cyber warfare can be stopped.

Cyber-Warfare is very unique to other possible threats to countries.As Cyber-Warfare is comepletely different as when technology advances Cyber-Warfare will advance.Also this type of warfare could be done from anywhere around the world,but still affect anyone.This type of attack is much more efficient as you can target almost anybody.Other various methods of security threats have to be followed through by humans which could be easily comprimised. Even the U.S director of Intelligence has placed Cyber-Warfare as the highest known threat for this year.So overall Cyber-Warfare is a convenient way for hackers to threaten lives of people half-way across the world.

You guys seem to like this in maybe 2 weeks I will have made another one.

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